Dr. Alissa Ellis captivates audiences with her genuine, down-to-earth, humorous, and relatable approach to taking control of your life.  She teaches practical, research supported strategies to motivate change and uncover the potential within each of us.  She empowers those with whom she works to take control of their lives by taking control of their minds!

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Breaking Barriers, EMpowering change


Experience the power of Dr. Alissa Ellis’ talks as she motivates you to overcome obstacles, to transform your own thoughts, and to make lasting, reliable changes in your life.

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Dr. Alissa Ellis is available for keynotes, lectures, workshops and team building retreats to help your audience learn key skills in:

Do’s and Don’ts of Depression

Tackling Your Anxiety Head-on

Increasing Motivation

Improving Productivity and Efficiency

Building Grit and Resilience

Simplifying Organization

Riding the Waves of Stress

Fueling Work Productivity

Balancing Work and Life

Recognizing When Someone in Your Life Needs Help

Making the Most of Your Day and Your Potential

Managing Your Child’s ADHD at Home

Family Routines That Help Your Child Grow

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